Prelude / by Stella Kim

I haven’t written in a while despite the requests to do so .. I think it becomes more and more difficult as you find yourself becoming increasingly jaded by the daily work you do – you lose the drive and spark to keep up with extracurriculars. I’m not exactly sure what has compelled me to put pen to paper again these past few days, but I felt a strange need to ruminate aloud and share with you.

I’ve always wanted to write a series on my special family. I’ve tried countless times in the past, but always scrapped everything and pushed it aside. There are too many feelings associated with family… I never thought I can express it all with my rudimentary parlance; I find myself falling headlong into the vortex of whirling thoughts, and I grope for the proper words. Some of us cry when we talk about our parents, especially more so as Korean-American immigrants (or as offspring of immigrants in general). I think that the more we do so, the more we feel we haven’t done enough for them. There’s never a way to do it any justice – there will never be a way we sacrifice as much as they had for us.

But for now, draft eighty is being revisited and is to come very soon. I hope it tickles a little need in you to tell your family you miss them today - and everyday.